5 Dynamite Tips For Anyone Moving To Ecuador

1. Ecuador’s healthcare system is affordable and modern.

You’ll find new hospitals in Guayaquil, Cuenca, Quito, Playas and Salinas. To be honest, many of our clients are suprised to hear that. The facilities are clean, modern with state-of-the-art equipment and many of the doctors have been trained in the United States or Europe. The same can be said for Ecuadorian dentists and their facilities.

Walk-in specialists can normally be seen for $30-$50 cash, no paperwork or insurance needed. A dentist in Ecuador is typically 15% the cost of a North American dentist and the service is excellent. It’s important to note that not every establishment is of the highest quality and up to North American standards, but the first-class service you’re looking for is here.

You can find affordable monthly heathcare plans if that’s something you’re looking into as well. Pharmacies are abundant with a large selection of medications for less than back home.

2. Playas is the closest beach from the airport.

Clients often ask us how long it takes to travel from the airport to the beach. Well, that depends on which airport you’re referring to and which beach is your destination.

For example, from Quito’s international airport to the closest beach is approximately 5 hrs 30 mins. From Guayaquil’s international airport, you’ll get to Salinas in roughly 1 hr 45 mins and Playas in just under an hour. Important if you’re considering investing in Ecuador real estate along the coast.

3. Adjusting to Spanish is easy.

Chances are you’ve thought about adjusting to speaking Spanish in Ecuador. As a North American who has made the transition, I can tell you first hand, it’s easier than you think.

It’s easier because locals are patient with expats new to Ecuador and the language, also, a large number of Ecuadorians speak some English, and lastly, you’ll have North American neighbors nearby to comfortably converse with until your Spanish comes along.

4. Some things are expensive in Ecuador.

As you probably know, Ecuador uses the US dollar. While it makes life simpler for sure, you may be wondering how far you can really stretch your money here. The answer, it depends.

If we’re talking real estate, healthcare, food in general, leather, jeans, cocoa or anything manufactured in Ecuador then, your US and Canadian dollars will go further than they would back home.

But if we’re talking about the vast majority of automobiles, electronics, appliances, bottled spirits and all other imports, it’s common for prices to be considerably higher than what you’d be paying at home.

5. Ecuador’s infrastructure is superb.

Ecuador’s current government has invested millions in its bridges and highways since 2006. In doing so, Ecuador has seen an increase in tourism as well as commerce in recent years.

Quite often clients comment on the roads, mentioning how new and smooth they appear. The government has vowed to continue investing in future major infrastructure projects. Good news if you’re planning on purchasing / renting a vehicle in Ecuador.

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