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Find your new Ecuador home faster and easier than you thought possible.

Chances are, you want to buy or rent property in Ecuador, but you are not sure where or how to begin. We have the solution, a real estate tour designed to satisfy 100% of your house-hunting and relocating needs.

If you’re looking to get a great deal on Ecuador real estate, and truly want to make your goal of living in Ecuador a reality, this is all you need.

No work is necessary on your end, because we’ve done everything for you. You just need to sit back, relax and enjoy every minute of your Ecuador relocating experience.

In addition to helping you locate the right home, our Ecuador real estate tours are designed to introduce you to Ecuador’s culture and leave you with a real sense of what it’s like living here.

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting: 
3-Day Ecuador Real Estate Tour (Cuenca and surrounding area)Check-list-Worpress-1440x564_c
Tour 20 – 40 Properties (depending on group size)Check-list-Worpress-1440x564_c
Legal Consultation w/ Reputable Lawyer (visas and Ecuador property laws)Check-list-Worpress-1440x564_c
Import / Export Consultation (discuss importing belongings duty free)Check-list-Worpress-1440x564_c
Insurance Consultation (home, car, health)Check-list-Worpress-1440x564_c
Detailed Brochure w/ Properties, Contact Information and City MapsCheck-list-Worpress-1440x564_c
Tour The City (local hot spots, farmers markets, pharmacies, hospitals)Check-list-Worpress-1440x564_c
Dine in Cuenca’s Best Known Restaurants (Ecuadorian and international cuisine)Check-list-Worpress-1440x564_c
Meet w/ Expats (ask questions and learn about living in Ecuador as an expat)Check-list-Worpress-1440x564_c
Speak w/ Locals (get a sense of Ecuadorian culture and traditions)Check-list-Worpress-1440x564_c
And More..Check-list-Worpress-1440x564_c

From start to finish, our tours deliver you the highest level of service. We are your personal chauffeur, tour guide, interpreter, real estate agent and relocation consultant, all in one.

[Client Testimonial] – Watch Robert and Marsha share their experience working with us.

If you are serious about buying or renting Ecuador real estate, our tours are the wisest investment you can make toward finding the perfect home.

Upcoming Tour Dates & Availability 
Aug 4th to Aug 6th**SOLD OUT**
Oct 13th to Oct 15th**2 Seats Available**
Nov 10th to Nov 12th**2 Seats Available**
Dec 1st to Dec 3rd**3 Seats Available**
Dec 3rd to Dec 5th**SOLD OUT**
Jan 19th to Jan 21st**5 Seats Available**
Feb 16th to Feb 18th**4 Seats Available**
Mar 15th to Mar 17th**2 Seats Available**

[ABC NEWS Video] – Watch this short report, by ABC News, about why Ecuador is the best place in the world to retire.

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